We love WordPress! Our company has a Joomla background but there were quite a few things that we did not like about that software. So when WordPress came around the corner we gave this software a try and were sold! It works so smooth and easy. However besides our good experiences with working with WordPress, there were moments that we had some issues with WordPress websites that needed to be fixed. Also there were times that we had no clue about how to use a plugin that we had just installed. For this kind of issues we had to search the whole internet in order to find solutions. Sometimes this took us hours and a lot of frustration.

We want to spare other WordPress users the time that we had to search for solutions. That is why narnacle.com was created: We want narnacle.com to be a platform where you, as WordPress user, can find all the answers you need on WordPress matters. This is what we are aiming for and this is what narnacle.com is all about. We are here to help you.

The Narnacle Team

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