Games I thought I’d like but actually hated!

Games I Hate


I was recently asked a good question on my TikTok Q&A by none other than the Harry Potter TikTokker Mad.Mike.Moody: “What’s a game you thought you’d like, but actually hated?” And even though I’m a diverse game enthusiast, a number of titles came to my mind. The more I thought about it, the more titles I could add.

The list quickly became too long for a 60 second TikTok video so I just listed my 2 most hated games and started finishing the list here. Below is my list of the most hated games in alphabetical order. You can leave hate on my opinion in the comments below…

Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

When I first bought it 5-6 years ago, I thought it would be fun to play with my friend. After 5-10 hours I realized I have spent my money on garbage.

Animal Crossing

I just don’t see the appeal. I tried really hard to get into it but it’s so repetitive. Waste of $60.

Once you unlock terraforming you can get pretty creative with it, but even then the game can get repetitive. To me it’s one of those games where I’ll binge play it for a month or so, then take several months off of it. Then when I’m in the mood to play it again, it’s easy to pick up where I left off.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Played the game with a group of friends for about 25 days worth of gameplay then it got super boring after we unlocked everything and were just stomping the server we were in.

The game is fun until you “beat” it, then it loses all of its replay value instantly.

Would I play again, from level 0? Yeah probably. Just not the same way I did.

Arkham Knight

F*ck those goddamn tanks.

I LOVED Asylum and City, but Knight really didn’t do anything for me. Which really sucked, because after City, I really wanted a full Gotham game with the bat mobile. We got just that, but I just didn’t feel it.

It might have been because the city was in constant chaos. What I want is a normal Gotham with crimes randomly happening. So basically like Spiderman PS4.
Being able to change suits in the Batcave, and driving around the bat mobile or batwing. I wouldn’t mind Gotham being in chaos for a mission or two because of some supervillain, but after that, I want to free roam again.

Bravery Default

I love jrpgs and I know they’re usually pretty slow at first but good god was this slow and all the characters were too unlikable to stand.

Death Stranding

I never followed any of the hype and knew nothing about the game except people being disappointed and calling it a walking simulator.

Makes me wish Kojima just made a horror game.

There are literal hours of nothing, just walking.

Diablo 3

I really never hated but instead not loved it how I love other games. That game will be… Diablo 3. The story was a quite weak. Diablo 2 was a very very great game wich I played most of the time. I’ll call it a “Watered Down” of Diablo 2

Doom Eternal

I loved the campaign when I first played it, I tried playing the multiplayer but it was just so boring, and now I just want my money back.

The multiplayer isn’t good like Doom 2016s was.

Fallout 76

Afterwards I fled to new Vegas.

I recently tried going back to it. That lasted about 2 hours before I said fuck it and left again.

Far Cry New Dawn

In comparison to the Seed Family from Far Cry 5, the Twins Mickey and Lou as the main Villains of New Dawn were just really awful, which ruined the game for me.

And the powers you get from Joseph Seed were more annoying than they were useful for my playstyle. I also hated that the weapons and enemys had different strength tiers, which forced you tó do things in a specific order, unlike in Far Cry 5 where you could go to every region whenever you wanted to. (I really hope Far Cry 6 wont have a system like that)

The Forest

Didn’t cost me much, but the combination of the zombies, how quickly night comes, and how boring the game gets pretty quickly just didn’t do it for me.

I loved my fire play through of it because I did it with 2 others and it was great exploring the island and finding new enemies without us knowing anything, but after you’ve done it once then it’s just very repetitive.

Kerbal Space Program

Not so much hate for the game, more hate for myself being too dumb to play it :>

The game really doesn’t explain things well or in sufficient detail but there are plenty of tutorial videos you can check out that make things more digestible. Also failing constantly is supposed to be part of the charm of the game but I get that some people really don’t like that.

League of Legends

To be honest, if League was a person, I’d bury it alive without even think about it twice.

I started playing league about a decade ago right when it first started. I played for less than a year. Even at the beginning it was nothing but toxic and horrible. Worst gaming community ever, and I was there for the pinnacle of Halo 3 tea bagging and it doesn’t even compare.

Majora's Mask

I’ve tried to play Majora’s Mask several times but it’s so repetitive that I keep giving up on it.

Its the anticipation of repeating some stuff to see a different result that makes it fun. Kids are curious, that’s why its liked by kids.

Monster Hunter World

I didn’t hate it but I couldn’t get into it.

Nothing like what I expected it to be, it plays so strangely I think.

Having an online friend keep rushing me to end game didn’t help.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the game when I first got it. Every time they add a character, the game is completely changed because the new character is extremely op and breaks the game.

No longer like that rage inducing broken game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The game has the “catch ’em all” incentive, but honestly that means hunting for specific Pokémon, which in my opinion just isn’t fun. I prefer to just play through Pokémon games once and complete the story, and once I do that, the game loses all meaning.


It was going to be everything I wanted from a game but just got more and more disappointing the further I got into it.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

Not exactly hated.

Loved the first one, and the second one had dual-lightsabers. How could you go wrong?

Apparently by not having the best story or narrative, and by having about half the damn game be on one level in your own ship (might be misremembering that, but I just remember that level lasting forever). The game just wasn’t fun, somehow.

Love the Gorog, though.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hate incoming!

Boring, massive spaces with nothing in it. Every chest has wooden arrows or mushrooms in it. All my cool weapons break after 10 hits or are wooden clubs that break in 5.

The horse was cool though. Oh but I left it a mile away so I better get walking.

Not for me.


Hate is a pretty strong word and it’s not what I’d use to describe my experiences but I have a list of games that failed to really catch me at all.

Fallout 3

Fallout 4


Witcher 3

The way the games had been hyped up to me by my friends, by the time I actually got to playing them, they all felt like massive disappointments.

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