How to use Valheim Dedicated Server

How to use Valheim Dedicated Server Transcript

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Method 1  |  Method 2  |  Configuration  |  Firewall  |  Router

Hello all. Narnacle here. With today a video on how to use Valheim dedicated server. Valheim is and remains the most fun to play with friends and the developers of the game have made it possible to share the gameplay with your friends or family in a fairly easy way. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to do this.

Please note that this involves a number of fairly technical steps and you must therefore leave your computer on for when your friends come on your Valheim server. Is your computer, and therefore the server, turned off? Then it will not be possible for your friends to come and visit you in Valheim.

Looking for an easy way to set up your server? A server that you can leave on day and night without any worries? Then go to and buy a Valheim server here for less than $ 15 per month where you can play with up to 10 other players without any technical headaches because they are arranged for you by survival servers themselves.

However, if you are still determined to host your Valheim server from home, good for you! Let’s start setting up this server. With the purchase of Valheim in Steam, the server is actually already included. To access this, click the drop-down menu in the top left of your Steam library and check the “Tools” box.

Then search for Valheim again in the search box and see “Valheim Dedicated Server” in the list. Simply click on it, click on the blue “Install” button in the screen that appears next, and install and run the server as you normally would with a game from your Steam library.

How to use Valheim Dedicated Server

How to use Valheim Dedicated Server with SteamCMD

Content Table:

Method 1  |  Method 2  |  Configuration  |  Firewall  |  Router

However, if you have a specific machine dedicated to this process that does not have steam installed, you can also run a Valheim server with SteamCMD. A quick Google search will take you to the developers page of Valve Software. On this page, click the link next to step 2. Download SteamCMD for Windows.

This will download a ZIP file. Extract this ZIP file to an easily accessible location such as a folder on your C drive and run the .exe file extracted from the ZIP file. Wait a few seconds as this program downloads and installs the Command Prompt version of Steam in the background. Once done, type “login anonymous” in this window to login to Steam anonymously.

Then you install the Valheim server with the command app_update 896660. You run this command every time when there is an update of Valheim’s server software. The command not only downloads the server software from Valheim, but also updates it to the latest version. The server itself can then be found in the steamapps folder. Open the common map here and find a Valheim dedicated server map here.

These folders are located in the same folder where you eventually extracted SteamCMD to.

How to configure your Valheim Dedicated Server

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Method 1  |  Method 2  |  Configuration  |  Firewall  |  Router

From here, both the graphical method is the same as the command line method so I’m going back to the Steam application. When the server is installed, right click on the Valheim Dedicated Server option in the Steam library and hover your mouse over “Manage”.

Then click on the option “Browse local files”. You will then end up in the same folder where the Valheim Dedicated Server is installed. The interesting file found here is the start_headless_server.bat file. You start your Valheim server with this file. You will also find a PDF file of the server manual here. Definitely worth reading this moment to familiarize yourself with the Valheim Dedicated Server.

For example, as you can read under the heading “Running the Dedicated Server”, it is still important to enter some relevant information in the bat file. On Linux this is the file and if you want me to do a Linux tutorial as well, leave a comment below.

As indicated, it is recommended that you make a backup of this file. With every update of the Valheim Dedicated Server, this file is also overwritten, so that is definitely something to take into account. So I copy and paste the file into the same folder and then rename it. Such as … valheim_server.bat.

I create a shortcut to this file by right-clicking on it and choosing “Create shortcut”. I then copy this shortcut to my desktop for easy access. Then open in the copy of the bat file with a simple text editor such as notepad.

You will see a number of notes telling you what to do before running this server. We have already done step 1 and step 2 indicates that we must set a password of at least 5 characters. The password cannot exist in the server name. You can change the password in the last line at the bottom of this file.

To do this, change the text “secret” between quotation marks to a password of your choice. Such as Qwertyui @ 12345. This is the password that both you and your fellow players must enter to access the server from the game. I also modify the world and call it “narnacle” and also rename the server name to Narnacle Server.

The world name can be anything you want and this data creates a map of the same name with your Valheim world in it. This way you can also import an existing world. We will now move on to step 3. Port forwarding in the router. Practically the most technically advanced step in this process.

However, save this file first and run the .bat file. So in my case valheim_server.bat. After the server has finished loading, your server is now actually online! You yourself will already be able to connect to the server but your friends are not yet. As I said, we are going to forward the ports in your router to enable this.

How to configure your Firewall for Valheim's Dedicated Server

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Method 1  |  Method 2  |  Configuration  |  Firewall  |  Router

However, this has no effect if your Windows Firewall blocks incoming traffic to your Valheim Server. So open your Windows Firewall by clicking the start button and typing the word “Firewall”. Then open the suggested Windows Defender Firewall and click Advanced Settings on the left side of the screen that appears.

Please note that these changes only make sense if you actually use the Windows Defender Firewall. If you are using a different Firewall or Anti-virus with a built-in firewall, you will need to change such settings in that firewall. It is best to consult the firewall manual or website for this.

For Windows Defender Firewall, create an Inbound Rule by clicking Inbound Rules in the top left of the screen. Select “New rule …” in the top right corner and you will see a screen asking you what exactly you want to give access to. Choose “Port” here and click on next. In the next screen you indicate that you want to open TCP ports and make sure that the option box is ticked next to “Specific local ports”.

In the input field next to it, enter the data 2456-2458. With this you indicate that you will all open this series of ports at the same time and give access to your Valheim Server. Click next and in the next screen make sure that the selection bubble is next to “Allow the connection”.

Click next again and in the next screen make sure that there is a check mark in each check box and click next again. In the screen that now appears, enter the name of the application to which you are granting access. In this case so Valheim and finally click on “Finish”.

Now you follow the same steps one more time, with the exception that you now choose the UDP ports in the second screen. Enter the port range 2456-2458 again and allow this range by clicking next until you are allowed to enter a name for this rule again. I enter Valheim again here and click on “Finish”.

Now the necessary Valheim connections are allowed in but not yet out. To do this we first click on “Outbound Rules” at the top left and then again at the top right on “New Rule …”. The same goes for these institutions. You choose to assign a TCP port range … 2456-2458 that is … accept connections on this range, name the line Valheim and click “Finish”.

You do this one last time, but then for the UDP port range … 2456-2458. I will call this one Valheim again and we are done. Your Windows Firewall is now accepting connections to your Valheim Server. Now your router.

How to Port Forward your Router for Valheim's Dedicated Server

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Method 1  |  Method 2  |  Configuration  |  Firewall  |  Router

For this we will forward ports. This varies from router to router and given that there are so many different brands and types of routers, it is impossible for me to explain this process for every kind of router.

I can show you how this works on my router with the hope that it works similarly for you. First of all, I have to get to the router settings page. I do this simply by opening a Windows Command Prompt and typing in the command “ipconfig”. The IP address that you see next to your gateway is usually the IP address of your router.

Open a web browser and enter this IP address in your address bar. In most cases you will end up on a login page. Enter the login details associated with the router here. You can usually find these on a sticker at the bottom of the router or they are included on a piece of paper from your ISP.

After logging in I have to go to the advanced settings where I have to choose port forwarding under NAT Forwarding. Here I rename the forwarding Valheim again, I enter the ip address of the Valheim Server machine … which you can also find with the command ipconfig and enter the port range 2456-2458 again at the external port. I leave the internal port empty so that the router fills it in itself.

For the protocol I choose “All” so that these settings are automatically applied to TCP and UDP and I enable this port forwarding immediately. I click on “Save” and you are done with your port forwarding. If you have multiple routers in your network, you will have to set this up for each router.

If this is the case or if you find this port forwarding complicated, I still recommend a server for survival servers. To do this, go to and buy a Valheim server for less than $ 15 per month on which you can adventure up to 10 people. However, if you have succeeded, your friends can simply connect to your server by entering your external IP address in the game.

You can find your external IP address simply by typing “what is my ip” in Google. If you see an IPv4 and an IPv6 address, always share your IPv4 address. When you connect to your server, simply enter the ip address you found with the ipconfig command. You are already within your network and therefore do not need an external IP address.

Now it is time to boot your server and let it load for a few minutes to make sure the server is ready for connections. Adding your server to Steam is very simple. Click on “View” at the top left of Steam and then choose “Servers”. Click on your favorites tab and click on “Add a Server” at the bottom right.

Here you enter your ipconfig ip address and your friends your external ip address. Enter a colon after your IP address followed by 2456. Then click on “Find Games at this Address” to see if the connection can indeed find Valheim. If this is NOT the case, change the data behind your IP address from 2456 to 2457 and so on and you should be able to find your server on one of these ports.

Then click on “Add selected game server to favorites” after which you can double click on this server in your Steam server list to connect. Enter the password you have set for the server and the game will start automatically. Enter the password of the server one more time in the game and you can tell each other Viking stories around a campfire.

Note that when your friends visit your home for a Valheim game, they must connect to your local ip that you find with ipconfig. If there are problems connecting, this usually has to do with the firewall or the port forwarding in the router. In the latter case, call your ISP for support here.

If you got your server up and running thanks to this video, please leave a like. If you are looking for fellow players for your server, feel free to leave your server details in the comments of this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel for much more Valheim related content …

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