Despite everyone around you creating their own websites, the idea of starting your own website seems stressful to you.

And you might also be terrified of creating a site, especially if you are not techie. But don’t worry! Over the years, I have gained experience in creating websites for numerous individuals.

I have always wanted to use this knowledge and experience to help others with creating WordPress websites. This article will help you learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch. The following is a comprehensive step by step guide for creating a website in which you don’t need coding skills.

The Need For WordPress Website:

WordPress logoWhile the Internet is filled with various website-building options, choosing WordPress will prove most beneficial for your new website. WordPress is extremely user-friendly and easy to use platform that offers a dominant interface for making full-fledged dynamic modern websites. Also, it is considered the most used CMS platform with over 28% of overall websites using WordPress online. That is why this article deals with how to create a website with WordPress.

A major plus point of opting for WordPress for your website is its ecommerce power, known as “WooCommerce”. There is no denying how alluring and compelling this ecommerce solution is for users with most basic technical knowledge. Creating an online business has never been easier than now with the arrival of WooCommerce by WordPress. WordPress also offers you endless possibilities in design with several thousand plugins and themes and SEO features.

Step By Step Guide On How To Create A WordPress Website:

The following lines show how to create a WordPress website without having any prior technical knowledge about coding. Here’s what you will find in this step by step guide on how to create a WordPress website:

  1. Getting Domain Name For Your WordPress Website
  2. Selecting And Incorporating WordPress Hosting
  3. WordPress Installation
  4. How To Make A WordPress Website Attractive By Installing WordPress Theme
  5. Content Addition To Your Website
  6. How To Make A WordPress Website More Interesting Using Customization Options
  7. Selecting and Installing WordPress Plugin
  8. How To Make A WordPress Website More Secure
  9. How To Make A WordPress Website More SEO-Friendly
  10. Your WordPress Website Analytics

Let me discuss in detail how each of these steps works.

By following these steps, you will learn how to create a WordPress website for personal blogging or for online purpose.