Divi — The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

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The Divi theme itself is not that great at all, but the Divi Builder that comes with it is! That builder has ensured that I and hundreds of thousands of other customers love Divi. The Divi Builder is also available as a plugin, so that you can use the super powers of Divi with almost any other theme.

The Divi Builder is a very powerful drag & drop front-end page builder that lets you adjust everything live on the front of your site so that you can immediately see the effect of your changes.

So when you adjust things like colors, borders, backgrounds, margin / padding, animations, etc., you see the page change in real time, and you see it exactly as visitors to your website see it. Adjusting texts is a matter of clicking and typing.



  • Divi has a very active development team, which means that new functions are regularly added to Divi.
  • If you are serious about conversion optimization, Divi Leads is a very valuable – and unique – addition. With that I can for example test the button below in multiple variants and see which variant performs best. So I could make a button with a yellow and a green background, with Divi showing the yellow button to one visitor and the green one to the other visitor. Then I see which button is clicked the most, and therefore which variant works best.
  • Divi has a built-in role editor, with which you can set for each user role what they can and cannot do. For example, as an administrator, do you want an editor to adjust background colors, but not the column layout? Then you can just set it that way.
  • In addition to the Divi theme and the separate Divi builder plugin you also get access to all other themes from Elegant Themes (most of which are severely outdated but still) and some nice plugins of which the Monarch social sharing plugin and the Bloom e-mail opt-in plugin are definitely worth it.
  • Divi is well supported. There is an extensive help function with video tutorials, both on the website and in Divi itself, and many tutorials are published on various topics. In addition, the support team can be reached via chat and not to worry about writing a piece of customized code to realize your wishes.
  • Last but not least: the Divi license is very beneficial for web builders, graphic designers and other people who regularly build a website. For a one-off investment of more than 200 euros you can use everything from Elegant Themes on as many websites as you want, and you are also entitled to lifelong updates and support. Most premium themes and plugin licenses only apply to 1 website, and / or charge an annual amount for updates and support.
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