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The poll ‘Pokémon Unite’ reveals the game’s biggest problems

Since its July 21 introduction, Pokémon Unite has gotten a lot of attention for providing gamers with an accessible, free-to-play online fighting arena that’s completely different from your regular Pokémon experience.

Despite its widespread appeal, the Pokémon MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is not without flaws. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company published an in-depth survey to get to the bottom of these concerns, and the community responded.

These inquiries cover a wide range of topics, including commercialization, balancing, and other aesthetic features of Pokémon Unite. Despite the fact that the game garnered mainly positive reviews, the community’s response to this question reveals several of the game’s most serious flaws.

Zapdos needs to be nerfed in Pokémon Unite

Zapdos is a boss that must be defeated in order to gain the upper hand in a match. Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

A nerf to the Zapdos boss, a Legendary Pokémon who arises during the later stages of a fight and is considered overpowered, is one of the most often requested modifications. Some features of the encounter would be nerfed to make it more bearable.

As Twitter user @BrysonKilluh points out, a team can defeat Zapdos and grab the lead even if they haven’t scored a single point throughout the game.

“Zapdos needs a major overhaul,” Twitter user @BlackBeartic commented, “because it feels like whoever wins is determined by who gets the bird.” “Unless you were completely steamrolling them, the previous eight minutes of the contest are nullified.”

The survey includes a question regarding whether players believe their team is frequently overrun in the final minute of a game, so this may be addressed in the future.

Pokémon Unite is overly reliant on pay-to-win mechanics

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. This is common of many comparable games, but if commercialization isn’t balanced, they can quickly lose their attraction. While the in-game purchases in Pokémon Unite aren’t as obnoxious as in other games, spending real money will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Enhancers, for example, can be purchased to upgrade held items and offer stat increases such as increased damage, attack, and defense. Enhancers increase the effectiveness of each held item and, if used correctly, can change the outcome of a match. It is possible to improve your held things by earning currency, but those who pay real money can skip the grind swiftly.

“People having level 30 goods already [because] they dropped a few hundred dollars is very unfair, and apparent with certain combinations,” Twitter user @Kobazco commented.

This problem could be addressed in a number of ways, including reducing the amount of grinding required to gain currency through gaming. Although Pokémon Unite does not place as much emphasis on pay-to-win as other free-to-play games, a change to its held item augmentation mechanism appears to be in need.

Players are asked if the game “overemphasizes” spending money to be successful as part of the study. Many of them appear to be willing to say yes.

Adjust the weekly cap for Pokémon Unite Aeos Coins and Energy

Players can only earn 2,100 Aeos coins every week at the moment. The Pokémon Company, Nintendo

Pokemon Unite, which is a pay-to-win game, only allows you to earn 2,100 Aeos Coins and 1,400 Aeos Energy per week. Because grinding isn’t an option in this situation, even if you wanted to, this immediately pushes gamers to spend more real money in-game. Of course, you can spend as much real money as you want in Pokémon Unite.

Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the ability to buy a currency that affects gameplay. However, grinding for this currency is still possible in many free-to-play games. The Pokémon Unite weekly cap is unusual and frustrating because of this.

Pokémon Unite should “remove the weekly cap of money and Aeos Energy balls, or at the very least increase it significantly more than the actual cap,” according to Twitter user @Artlocked.

This problem is related to the game’s pay-to-win feel, as it prevents users from putting in the effort necessary to compete with those who have paid real money. If someone wants to grind, they should be able to do so without being restricted by artificial limits that entice them to spend money.


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