You are currently viewing Tier ranking for ‘Pokémon Unite’: all 20 Pokémon, rated from worst to best

Tier ranking for ‘Pokémon Unite’: all 20 Pokémon, rated from worst to best

In any Pokémon game, the most essential decision you make is selecting your monster(s), and Pokémon Unite is no exception.

This MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is a real-time strategy game in which two teams of characters battle it out. They are Pokémon belonging to one of five battle types: Attacker, Speedster, Defender, All-Arounder, and Supporter in this case. Each Pokémon has a unique moveset that defines its strengths and weaknesses.

There are now 20 Pokémon in the game. This is the order in which they are ranked.


Venusaur is number 20

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When it comes to delivering damage, Venusaur is just outclassed by all other attackers and even certain Pokémon from other classes. Venasaur can still be useful in some situations, but you’re better off choosing practically any other Pokémon.

Wigglytuff (19.)

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Wigglytuff isn’t a bad Pokémon; it’s simply that other support Pokémon offer more clear benefits at the moment. Wigglytuff’s viability may rise if a good strategy for it is discovered, but the Pokemon Unite meta hasn’t fully exploited it yet.

Charizard (number 18)

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This fan-favorite Pokémon has a high damage output, making it important early on. After that, because to its slow speed and subpar moves, it is surpassed by other all-rounders.

Talonflame (#17)

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The Speedster Talonflame is the least viable. It must compete against some of the game’s greatest Pokémon, yet it can still be useful in lower levels or non-competitive matches. However, there are far better options for your team’s Speedster.


Greninja, no. 16

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In the correct hands, Greninja may be a big threat, but it’s difficult to master for newbies. It’s rather poor in the early game, and its moves are considerably more situational for an Attacker.

Slowbro (number 15)

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Slowbro is good at stalling teams, but the other Defenders are stronger at entirely stopping opponents in their tracks or inflicting more damage back.

Garchomp (#14)

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Garchomp is fantastic in the late game because of how powerful it is. However, leveling up takes an eternity, and its pre-evolutions are outclassed in the early game. It’s a wonderful pick if you want to evolve into Garchomp as soon as possible. Otherwise, you should go with a different All-Arounder.

Lucario, number thirteen

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Lucario’s strength makes him a significant threat early in the game, and he partners well with other powerful attackers. Other Pokémon will catch up to Lucario in strength as they level up and evolve, but if you play wisely, it can still hold its own.

Mr. Mime, No. 12

Mr. Mime The Pokémon Company

Dealing with Mr. Mime’s Barrier is quite inconvenient. It’s a good choice if you want to push the enemy team back while your teammates advance. Defenders, on the other hand, provide the same function, hence this Supporter is significantly outclassed.


Machamp is number eleven

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Machamp’s best battle type is All-Arounder, which is a strong attacker who can keep the pressure on your opponents in the lanes. Other Pokémon have more specific applications, but Machamp is a good pick if you’re searching for a sturdy, mid-ranking Pokémon that can deliver a decent amount of damage.

Pikachu is number ten

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In the tutorials, the game teaches you how to use Pikachu. It’s a good choice for anyone starting out because its abilities are useful and simple to understand.

9. Crunchy

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Crustle is still underappreciated, yet it excels at totally encircling Pokémon with moves like Rock Tomb. Although you can’t be as aggressive with this Defender, if you just want to play defense, it’s the greatest in the game.

Gengar (eight)

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During the mid-to-late game, Gengar is frequently deployed and can do a lot of damage. You can debuff and rapidly kill any opponents that might bother your allies if you run it with a Sludge Bomb and Hex Combo.


Eldegoss is number seven

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Pokémon Unite’s designated healer is Eldegoss. Having a healer on your side is advantageous in a game where HP recovery can take a long time. It may also stand on its own with moves like Seed Bomb.

Alolan Ninetales is number six on the list

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Alolan Nintetales is a long-range attacker who uses a bulk of its techniques to slow down opposing Pokémon. Even if other Pokémon are quicker or deal more damage, dealing major damage while debuffing opponents so your friends can get their attacks in is a valuable niche.

Cinderace is number five

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When it comes to straight damage, Cinderace is one of the best Pokémon in the game. Cinderace is one of the most powerful Pokémon players may use, as it can use Fient to become temporarily invincible and burn enemy Pokémon with its attacks.


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Absol is a swift and powerful character. It will win practically any matchup in the early game and deal a lot of crucial hits.


Snorlax is the third option

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Snorlax is a powerful Defender who can take a lot of damage and return it with powerful attacks like Heavy Slam. This unusual combination allows it to be used both offensively and defensively, making it a viable option for any player.

Cramorant is number two

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Cramorant is an underappreciated Pokémon that I’m presently using as my main in Pokémon Unite. It has a long range strike that causes a lot of damage, and its Whirlpool attack can give you an early game advantage over practically any other opponent. As the contest draws to a close, its turret-like attacks assist keep the pressure on. The worst part is that the next Pokémon will counteract it.

Zeraora is number one

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Zeraora is currently the best Pokémon you can choose in the game. It’s quick and powerful, and its Unite Move inflicts recurrent damage on everyone who approaches it. On any Pokémon Unite team, it’s a must-have.

For Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Unite is now available.


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