You are currently viewing Tier ranking for ‘Pokémon Unite’: the best Pokémon to utilize

Tier ranking for ‘Pokémon Unite’: the best Pokémon to utilize

No one has ever taken such a thorough dive into the best!
Add Friends For Multiplayer Battles In Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a team-based MOBA – or multiplayer online battle arena – that gives those charming Pocket Monsters a new way to bash each other up.

You may already have a favorite Pokémon, but with the addition of new stats and attacks in Pokémon Unite, you’ll want to check how your favorite compares to the rest.

Here are the 8 best Pokémon to use based on our Tier List.


8. Gengar

You may attack at a distance with this high-damage Pokémon, then quickly close in on your opponent. A devastating one-two punch involves inflicting poison with Sledge Bomb and then teleporting in with Hex.


7. Eldegoss

Eldegoss can inflict some fair ranged damage, but as Pokémon Unite’s top healer, its true strength lies in keeping your team in the fight.

6. Alolan Ninetales

Alonan Ninetails combines powerful ranged damage with a movement-slowing debuff that allows your friends to easily close in and finish off adversaries, despite its lack of mobility.

5. Cinderace

Cinderace is a swift, damage-dealing machine with fire-damaging strikes and even a special move that temporarily renders it impenetrable.

4. Absol

Absol isn’t particularly devious; it’s simply a quick, powerful damage dealer who gets the job done (when the job is walloping other Pokémon before they realize what’s hit them).


3. Snorlax

Snorlax does what it does best in Pokémon Unite: it blocks routes. Snorlax’s incredible endurance makes it difficult to defeat, yet it also provides decent damage.

2. Cramorant

One of the standout players in Pokémon Unite is everyone’s beloved vore bird. It deals a lot of ranged damage and has the endurance and mobility to stay alive when enemies get too near.

1. Zeraora

Zeraora is as enjoyable to play as it is to spell. Zeraora’s speed and damage make it an incredible beast on the battlefield, despite its little health.

Check out our comprehensive Pokémon Unite Tier List to see all of your possibilities.

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