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Hello all. Narnacle here. With a video about the Valheim best food combo today. For regular Valheim players it will no longer be news when I tell you that food is one of the most important resources in Valheim. Not because otherwise you will starve – the game is quite forgiving with regards to hunger.

But the more you eat, the more HP and stamina you will gain. Different foods give you varying amounts of HP and stamina. Then you quickly start wondering: what is the Valheim best food combo? The answer depends on where you are.

If you’ve just started the game and you’re still in the meadows biome, I recommend hunting deer and boar for raw meat. Hang it on a cooking station over a lit campfire and within a minute it will turn into cooked meat. Do not let it hang on the cooking station for too long, otherwise it will turn into coal.

Then you want to look for neck tails and for this you defeat the lizard-like creatures that you often see in or around water. Cook these again on a cooking station for grilled neck tails. Then scour the forest for raspberries and you have already prepared your first Valheim best food combo.

Cooked meat, together with grilled neck tail and raspberries, gives you an HP boost of 85 on top of your basic HP. Your stamina will be jacked up to 70 and so with this Valheim best food combo you are ready for the first boss. On to the next Valheim best food combo in this video.

Grilled Neck Tail
First Boss Eikthyr

Valheim Best Food Combo for the Elder

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After defeating the first boss you will be instructed to go to a black forest. In a black forest you will find blueberries, copper and tin along the coastline. You will also find burial chambers full of surtling cores here. You make a smelter and charcoal kiln from the surtling core. Put the copper ores in the smelter along with the charcoal that the kiln gives you and get 6 copper this way.

Make a forge of this copper together with 10 wood, 4 coal and 4 stone. After you put away a forge, melt your tin until you have enough number to make it into a cauldron. Place a campfire underneath and combine your blueberries with raspberries to make queens jam. Queens jam gives you an HP boost of 30!

So together with your cooked meat and grilled neck tail you have your new Valheim best food combo for the time being. On to the second boss.

Valheim Best Food Combo for the Bonemass

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After you defeat the Elder, the swamp will become your next destination. Keep an eye out for blue plants that grow here. This is thistle and you will need it for your next recipe.

Defeat the Draugr’s in the swamp for entrails they drop. While you are in the swamp, also find as many turnip seeds as possible. Farm it back to turnips and combine it with raw meat in a cauldron for turnip stew. Turnip stew gives an HP boost of 50!

Combine the entrails and thistle with raw meat in the cauldron for … yes … sausages. Eat the sausages and turnip stew together with cooked meat and you have an HP boost of no less than 150! And a boost on your stamina of 120! Now the Bonemass boss should also be a delicious soft-boiled egg for you.

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For now I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for watching, have a nice meal and see you all … in the next video.

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