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Valheim Bonemass Transcript

Hello all. Narnacle here. And recently I managed to beat the Valheim Bonemass boss. Loyal Narnacle follower Marcs commented that Bonemass is pretty much the hardest boss in the game and I have to say I can’t argue with him on this. Not only does he venture into the most unforgiving biome in the game …

… he is also immune to almost all attack types. However, I managed to beat the Valheim Bonemass boss and I learned a lot from this challenge so in this video I tell you everything you need to know to destroy the Valheim Bonemass! This challenge starts right after you defeat the second boss.

The Elder. This one drops a Swamp Key that you can use to open the sunken crypts in the swamp biome. However, stick around in the black forest for a while to slaughter Greydwarves for their beautiful blue eyes and raid burial chambers for their surtling cores. Then return to the meadows to collect fine wood here.

With these ingredients you create a portal which is very useful in case you want to be able to quickly travel back and forth to the altar of the Valheim Bonemass boss. Now explore the insidious and extremely deadly swamp biome. You do well to eat enough and to bring extra supplies to survive this biome.

Not only are you here at the moment looking for the runestone that reveals the location of the Valheim Bonemass boss and can be found in swamp ruins and sunken crypts, you are also here to get as much scrap as possible from the muddy scrap piles from the sunken crypts. to mine with your pickaxe.

And I mean … as much as possible! You melt scrap into iron. Iron is the next material after bronze to upgrade your equipment with. You want to make an iron mace from this iron. This is because the Valheim Bonemass boss is extremely weak against blunt attacks and the iron mace works wonders on his ever-recovering HP.

You make an iron mace with 4 wood, 20 iron and 3 leather scraps. However, for an ultimate upgraded iron mace you need 60 extra iron. So … keep mining! And to think that you will most likely want iron to make your full equipment and a cauldron if you don’t already have it.

Why a cauldron? Because in a cauldron you can make a Mead base: resistance to poison. For this you collect 10 honey from your beehives … wait … you made beehives, right? 5 thistle; a plant found in the swamp biome, 1 neck tail; you collect by slaughtering a lizard and 10 coal.

You then let this substance ferment for a few days in a fermenter that you make with 30 fine wood, 5 bronze and 5 resin. When the mead base is properly fermented, the fermenter will automatically spit out a poison resistance drink for you.

A poison resistance is extremely useful against the Valheim Bonemass boss as it halves the damage from the flubber’s poison attacks by as much as 50% + a reducing time of effect. However, if you run out of patience for scrap, you can also opt for the Stagbreaker weapon.

This warhammer also seems to be extremely effective in your Valheim Bonemass battle if you upgrade this full. What am I saying? Even a fully upgraded wooden club works great in this fight. You can make a stag breaker with 20 core wood, 5 deer trophies and 2 leather scraps. You then keep upgrading this weapon with an increasing amount of the same material plus bone fragments.

For those who think they are now ready for the fight with the Valheim Bonemass boss, one more surprise awaits. To summon the boss you need ten withered bones. Fortunately, these are easy to collect in the same sunken crypts that you got your scrap from.

They fall from the same muddy scrap piles and are literally up for grabs at various angles or even on altars in the sunken crypts.

Iron Mace

Defeating Bonemass

NOW you are ready for your fight with the Valheim Bonemass boss. Chances are that the runestone has given up its location on one or a few islands farther from where you are now.

In that case, you will have to sail over there and I have a video guide on this channel on how to run this. Once arrived, throw the withered bones into the open mouth of the skull altar and your worst nightmare will appear in living bodies. Drink your poison resistance and equip yourself with your iron mace or Stagbreaker.

The advantage of Bonemass is that you can see his attacks arrive almost on time. When he lashes out with his melee attack, he throws his hand back first. This is the ultimate time to jump back and avoid this attack. Then you start pounding him completely again.

When he is about to throw up a poisonous gas, he throws his head back first. This attack has a decent AoE so stay away for now until the throttle clears completely. His third attack is extremely annoying. He has the ability to throw a piece of flubber at you from himself, which then spawns extra enemies.

Often these are skeletons, but also often a blob comes out with EVEN more poison gas that you cannot use with it. But make short work of these side effects before you focus on the main spectacle again. If you enter this fight with one or more fellow players, let one player fully focus on the extra mobs to take this task off your shoulders.

All in all, with the right equipment and weapons, you should be able to make green pudding out of this creature in no time … with little bits of bone splinter incorporated into it, that is. The mistake I made in this fight was that I gave Bonemass too much time to recover his life. So make sure you keep ramming on him to avoid this.


If you really want to keep him at bay with your ranged weapons, prepare for a long … long … long … LONG fight … unless you have frost arrows and a Draugr bow. For this you will have to go a step further and go out into the cold. In addition to the 8 wood and 2 feathers, you also need 8 obsidian and 1 freeze gland for this!

Obsidian can be mined with an iron pickaxe in the mountains deposits and freeze glands can be obtained by defeating Drakes in this area. Since you most likely don’t have wolf armor at this stage in the game, you will need to provide yourself with a frost resistance drink if you don’t want to literally die from the cold.

You can make such a drink in the cauldron with 5 thistle, 10 honey, 2 bloodbags … which the leeches drop in the swamp and 1 Greydwarf eye. While you’re in a mountain biome, try to find silver too. Together with ancient bark, which drops the old trees in the swamp, and Guck, which grows on these old trees, create a Draugr Fang that fires the frost arrows with so much more damage at the Valheim Bonemass boss.

Once defeated, the Valheim Bonemass boss doesn’t just drop his trophy. Which, once suspended from spawn, gives you the power of Bonemass: resistance to physical attacks. But he also drops the wishbone. You can carry this item and help you find lost treasures.

Do you want an even easier victory? Then the YouTuber 04AM has a method where you build a platform over the area where the boss spawns from where you fire the frost arrows with the Draugr Fang. I leave the video in the description of this video. And while you’re in that area of ​​this page, let me know in the comments below if you managed to beat Bonemass!

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Hmm. Honey, what’s in this delicious crunchy green pudding? … WHAT!?

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