Valheim Funny Moments! 😂

Valheim Funny Moments Transcript

These Valheim funny moments come straight from my Twitch stream where I often enjoy the surprising world of Valheim together with Con, Marcs and Justin. Then it is almost impossible that you experience Valheim funny moments together. If it is not a comment that is thrown at each other, it is a mistake or funny action that someone performs.

Me Laughing

Valheim Funny Moments on Discord

# 1: If a fellow player of yours is so great that he also helps you with your Twitch viewership by keeping your live stream open in the background, don’t be surprised if he sees you making a stupid mistake while you not paying attention and busy on your phone.

JustinTimess actually wanted to let Narnacle know when he hit a rock with his Raft while chatting on Telegram: “You can’t be texting while you’re driving. Come on!” Well, Narnacle. There he has a point. If you want to impress your viewers with your boating skills then you shouldn’t be on your phone.

# 2: It is no longer a joke to intentionally use a wrong password when you know it will be heard in someone’s live stream. It remains funny though. And especially if you also manage to get a real epic password up your sleeve. With this, JuistinTimess managed to make Narnacle laugh.

The password is OneTwoThreeFourFive? Spelled out? Do you know? That’s not even such a bad password. We may change the password to this password. Especially when you consider that we now have the weak Welcome123! use password. Oh wait. Oops. Did I really write the password out loud?

# 3: With DMCA strikes getting stricter on Twitch, you have to be very careful with both the background music of your live streams and the actual music on your own background. Copyright music can make all the difference to a successful streaming career or early retirement.

However, when a player enters your Discord with one of the most catchy tunes of all time, it’s hard to contain yourself. This is what happened to Narnacle when Con entered the Discord channel with “If you like Pina Coladaaa …”. Narnacle just had to finish this but was quickly aware that they were all risking a DMCA strike!

To be continued…

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