Understanding what is WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is essentially a hosting service which will host WordPress site. You’re probably wondering what that means precisely. You aren’t alone in not knowing the full range of terminology comparing to hosting and webdesign. WordPress hosting is actually ideal for you and probably the perfect thing to help you operate a website. Here we will know how to select the WordPress hosting suitable for you.

The limitation of website hosting to just hosting the website on the web has extended these days. New various web hosting plans are offering the latest technological features and complete technical support.

Web hosting plans equipped with a variety of e-commerce features serve the purpose of fully functional websites effectively. Some of the notable e-commerce features made available by a web hosting provider include shopping carts; password protected directories, merchant account support, PayPal support and certificate generated for free.

Although having web hosting services meeting all your website requirements effectively, you still have to keep in mind some considerations. Such as the type of website that needs to be hosted, speed offered, price and technical support made available.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that will hold your website for you online while other computers look at it. The way that the internet works is that it’s essentially lots of interconnected computers. Many of these computers are the computers of people ‘surfing’ the web. Many others, however, are the ‘servers’ which hold the information on their hard drives that make up the web content. You want to make a website? Then you need it to be on a server so that other computers can look it up. You will likely get a domain name along with your web hosting. You can also get it separately and then direct it to the server which holds your code otherwise. Then whenever someone types in that domain name into their browser, that browser’s calling up the server. It will then send the code to their computer that makes it display your website.

Web hosting firms vary in lots of ways which is why it’s important to read lots of web hosting reviews. Mostly using a server is a bit like buying a computer. It comes with the stat that affects the performance of your website. Reading web hosting reviews can ensure that you find a site that has the best essential features for instance.


WordPress meanwhile is a tool for making websites. One that lives on the server where your website is in the case of WordPress hosting. This then means that you can simply visit your website and click ‘edit’. Enter your user credentials and then change the pages on the fly. This is perfect for many reasons. It means that you don’t need to store the files on your computer for instance. Which means that you can have more space on your computer. And that means you can edit it from anywhere as long as you get access to the internet.

Meanwhile with WordPress hosting everything is very easy, if you wish to edit the WordPress site. Therefore you will be able to simply type in a box to create a new post and click ‘post’. Or to simply copy and paste images in. There is lots of flexibility in allowing you to alter the themes and to add new appearance to your site. And it’s all very user-friendly.

Different types of WordPress hosting options

Free Website Hosting

For those who want to begin an online presence without taking a risk, many hosts give free website hosting packages. Popular blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress allow users to build interactive websites with just a few clicks. The obvious advantage of these hosts is that anyone can use them at no cost. Usually, they include some way for publishers to build websites right from their internet browser.

Unfortunately, free website hosting services will come with a lot of limitations. Ad revenue, that doesn’t go to the site’s creator, often supports them. Common restrictions include not allowing any commercial purpose on the free website, lack of backup or reduced storage capacity. And the general inability to access all of the server’s file to customize or introduce new kinds of website software. Simplicity matches a possible liability as one learns more about creating successful websites and customizing code or visual design.

Shared Website Hosting

A common solution for webmasters who want to keep the costs low but to create an independent website is shared hosting. Shared hosts store various user accounts on a particular server machine. The resources of the server are accessible to each site as required. Several shared hosts allow limitless domains on a particular account and provide full file access. They often even incorporate scripts for quickly installing various types of software.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private servers work on a model which relates to shared servers. The difference is that these accounts cost a bit more and the number of accounts assigned to every server machine is lower. Some hosting firms will even let webmasters upgrade from shared to virtual private servers meanwhile their account starts to use more resources. This will save a lot of anxiety by avoiding a confused transfer process!

Each program varies from company to company regarding resource usage per account, uptime, and usability – so a reputation for quality and reliability is essential when deciding on a program.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

A dedicated hosting account is similar to renting a computer, selecting someone to retain it running at top performance for you, and funding to keep it connected to the internet. As you can think, this gets pretty expensive! The good news is that by the time a website is active enough to require a dedicated hosting server, it plausibly also has the revenue needed to pay for that hosting.

When determining which type of website hosting you want to use, take in to account your website’s current traffic rather than your traffic goals. Idle resources on a hosting account can quickly eat into your site’s profitability, while most sites can more than pay for the hosting they need to perform well. Websites that are media intensive and video or stream audio feeds tend to need more resources and often demand higher-end hosting plans, so these end up costing more to operate per visitor. Keep this in mind when determining what the website’s business model is going to be.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website

You obviously want to engage the services of the best WordPress hosting provider for your site. You know that not almost all hosting companies are the same and there are lots to select from, it is only risk-free to end up being careful and selective when choosing the very best WordPress hosting provider that meets your present requirements today and in the future since your business grows.

Here is a checklist of vital factors to consider before you’re making your decision.


You will require a web hosting provider who specializes in WordPress and has a good reputation for their service and their technical support.

Up-Time Reliability

The last thing you will need will be a hosting provider that will go down just about all the time! When web visitors cannot access your site, these people move on – to your competition plus they may never try to return to your site once more. This particular will run you money in misplaced sales and also a negative reputation. The most effective WordPress Hosting Providers have 99.9% reliability.

Fast Loading Machines

You need your site to load upwards quickly for your visitors. A lot of people will not wait any further than 4 seconds for a site to upload – any longer plus they just hit the back button and move onto your competition.

Linux Servers

WordPress has been written for Linux Hosts and that’s why there is a smaller amount possibility of working into technical problems.

Data source Backup

This is an absolute good must, should your database or website become corrupted or even hacked. The best WordPress hosting companies will provide automatic back-ups of your website and also will re-install a version of one’s website for a day just before if the corruption or hack took place.

Protected Machines

Closely related to this kind of fact will be the security monitoring in the hosts. The very best WordPress Hosting companies monitor their servers through external attacks 24/7/365! These people carry out regular software updates to ensure the balance and continuance of service.

Technical Assistance

Should your site end up being down for any reason, it’s vital which you can contact your web provider no matter what time of the evening or night. The best WordPress Hosting Providers offer technical assistance 24/7/365 generally using a support admission system and will have you upwards and run in no time. Technical support should end up being inclusive of one’s plan (no matter how modest) and end up being unlimited. You just never understand!


WordPress is easy to install, specifically if you have chosen a dedicated WordPress hosting company. A good host will enable one to install your internet site by way of your control panel using ‘Installation’ which will be equivalent to Fantastico, but only better! Installatron lets you effortlessly install computer software that may otherwise become problematical to install.

Cost of Hosting

The cost of hosting your website will be influenced by your requirements and ultimately the strategy that you choose. Nevertheless, no issue which plans you decide upon, it’utes important to have the option to pay monthly or annually and be covered by the 30 Evening Money Back Guarantee.


The very best WordPress Hosting providers offer a 30 Evening Money Back Guarantee to make certain which you are entirely satisfied with their service. That is a great ideal risk-free way of trying out their services, since if it’utes not what you anticipated you can always get your money back.


While selecting a quality web host, top priority must be given to the type of website that needs to be hosted. The size of your business helps in deciding on the type of website that is required. Small businesses require comparatively smaller web pages as compared to the websites that are owned by large-scale businesses. It is essential to know the business requirements so that the best service providers can be selected.

The web site hosting service provider should offer round the clock support to the users. There are times when the website is down which causes visitors not to be able to access the site. Therefore permanently losing that user. The complete web hosting solution includes round the clock customer support for resolving such technical issues. Also, you can get a 24×7 phone and e-mail support for resolving the problems. Or talking to the experts for any further information.

For a well-flourishing website, it is essential to have adequate server space along with bandwidth. Because the more bandwidth you have; the quicker the page will load. This means that more traffic can be generated as the customers return to those websites that respond quickly.

The type of connectivity that’s offered’s also one of the points that have to be considered before choosing web hosting. Its internet backbone must not be the single link, but it should include the intersection of numerous Internet backbones. It should ensure reliability and high speed along with unvarying connectivity.

Professional WordPress Hosting

A professional web hosting provider will offer you a hosting plan with many features helpful in making the website interactive. By hiring a professional hosting provider, nowadays, you can get an installation of systems like WordPress hosting for free.