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What builds to use to get Gardevoir in ‘Pokémon Unite’

Gardevoir, a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon with ranged attacks, is the first post-launch addition to the Pokémon Unite roster.

It’s the first of presumably many new Pokémon to be added to the game, proving TiMi’s and The Pokémon Company’s continued commitment. Pokémon Unite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game akin to League of Legends or Dota 2 in which the playable characters are the focal point of the game.

Gardevoir was only added on July 28, so players will undoubtedly want to try out the new monster. We’ll go over how to get Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite, as well as the best builds to use for the character.

In Pokémon Unite, how do you get Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is the most recent Pokémon to join Unite. The Pokémon Company

It’s easy to get your hands on Gardevoir. To unlock this Pokémon, you’ll need to earn its license, just like many others in the game. To do so, go to the main menu and pick “Pokémon.”

You’ll find all of the Pokémon in the game here, including some you haven’t yet unlocked. Gardevoir can be found by scrolling to the right. You’ll be transported to a Unite Battle Committee screen if you click on the’mon.’

Gardevoir costs 460 Aeos gems (about $8) or 8,000 Aeos coins. Aeos diamonds must be purchased with real money, whilst Aeos coins must be won through gameplay.

In Pokémon Unite, the best Gardevoir builds

Gardevoir is a Pokémon with a high risk/high reward ratio. The Pokémon Company

Let’s take a look at some recommended builds for Gardevoir now that you know how to get him.

The first thing you need know about Gardevoir is that it is a ranged Pokémon with a low defense and tremendous damage. As a result, it’s a higher-skill, high-risk/high-reward glass cannon.

You can utilize Gardevoir to take out numerous opponents at once if you’re skillful, but be careful because your enemies can do the same to you. Having the correct tools for the job will go a long way.


When it comes to Battle Items, the Eject Button is an absolute must-have. Because of Gardevoir’s low defensive skill — or lack thereof — this is especially useful. You can use it to close in on your opponents, unleash a barrage of assaults, and then use the Eject Button to flee if you take too much damage.

Keep in mind that you’ll already have Ralts’ Teleport attack, which functions similarly but has a shorter cooldown.

When it comes to Held Items, Wise Glasses (which increases special attack by 5%) and Shell Bell are also good choices (grants 60 HP recovery when you dish out an attack). Energy Amplifier (gives a 14 percent temporary attack increase after using a Unite move) or Scoring Shield are two alternatives for the final slot (grants temporary shield while charging to score a goal).


1-3 levels

We recommend using a handful of Gardevoir’s moves to get the most out of a contest. Confusion is a must-have since it deals a lot of damage and is particularly useful in the early stages of a game. Psyshock, which deals a three-burst shot and can quickly take down an opponent, is also a good pick.

Levels 6 and 8

Combining Moonblast and Future Sight is another fantastic strategy. To begin, utilize the Moonblast attack, which fires a massive blast at enemies. The blast deals mild damage but also stuns the enemy if it hits. After that, use the Future Sight move to create a delayed explosion. Future Sight is more likely to connect because your adversaries should be shocked at this moment.

Level ten

When you reach level 10, you’ll be able to use Fairy Singularity, Gardevoir’s Unite Move. This is a devastating assault that suffocates foes in a black hole. It then displaces them and damages them as soon as the hole closes, making it ideal for crowd control or the Zapdos boss fight.


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